4 Ideas for Getting Creative on Canvas


canvas_art_diyWhile painting will always remains the most popular thing to do on canvas, there are some other great options for creating art on a canvas that don’t include painting. So if you are looking to add some interesting art on canvas to your home and you are not a painter and don’t have the money to buy paintings on canvas from artists, there are other routes that you can take.

Here are four great ideas that anyone can do to create brilliant art on canvas without knowing how to paint.


Printing Photos on Canvas

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to create a great image on canvas. You can take photos yourself or download high quality photos online to use for this idea. Just about any printing place will be able to do this for you. Simply take the digital photo of your choice (or if it’s an analog photo, scan it first) to a local photo printing shop and ask them to print it on your canvas.


Putting Interesting Wallpaper Patterns on Canvas

canvas_wallpaperWallpaper comes in many great patterns and tons of varieties. If you have walls that are painted in a solid color, adding some patterns to it will definitely spice it up. Simple cut some wallpaper and paste it onto your canvas. You can even mix and match various wallpapers and get really creative on one canvas, or keep it simple and more sophisticated with just one pattern.


Cover Ugly Home Technology with a Canvas

Do you hate looking at that thermostat on your wall? Cover it up with a canvas. You can attach a hinge to your wall and then put the canvas on the hinge so that it can swing open whenever you need to access the thermostat. You’ll not only have a nice piece of art on your wall, but it will also be covering something that you would rather not look at in the process.



String Art on Canvas

Take some nails and put them into your canvas to create a shape – like a heart for example. Now take some string and then apply it around all of these nails in various directions in order to get a string picture.




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