Balancing social media’s creative inspiration and integrity


social media

With the digital world having a greater influence on society, the social media revolution cannot be neglected from the growth and development of creativity. All people from various walks of life have the ability to freely express themselves through the outlets of social media, but what can be made of use from this revolutionary cultural change?

Social media is the largest evolving source of information with updates around the world being discovered, shared and opinionated in minutes giving everyone a fair voice. Although this tool has the ability to shift and change the way people look at the world, there must be some form of responsibility, balance and integrity involved. Being creative and sharing one’s innovations online can be rewarding, but at what expense? Is the content published safe and acceptable for all audiences or does the message being shared intimidate, persecute or ridicule a certain group of people and their beliefs? People should be free to post, share and comment freely online yet in a responsible constructive manner to keep creative content enjoyable.

The impact of social media has diminished the lines of real life and online interaction, but as such we must continue to create content to improve both forms of interface for a prosperous world.




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