BBC Blast


BBC-Blast-CrewThe BBC Blast is the popular method for the BBC to inspire British 13-19 year olds to showcase their creative innovation. Blast tours Great Britain’s landscape hosting free multimedia events allowing the youth to express their own individualism. The Blast workshops are the opportunity to exhibit creative work, learn new skills and learn more about working in creative industries. Teens interested in art, fashion, music, games, writing and drama are allowed to share their Blast creations with the digital world. These teens are exposed to the latest professional cameras, sound equipment and other devices while gaining support from the BBC’s staff. The towns usually visited in the summer include Bury St. Edmonds, Coventry, Bristol and London.

The Blast is broadcast in the fall after the summer tour has completed on BBC 2 to allow those interested in participating next year a preview of what they should expect. Segments broadcasted include behind the scenes footage of media events, tutorial seminars and featured highlights of Blast contest winners. Although the BBC Blast is a summer tour around the UK, all year long the BBC staff is looking for input and feedback on improving the Blast experience for teens. Suggestions and surveys about the blast experience can be sent by email and help the staff identify what can be improved, which new cities to select for the tour and additional contest people are willing to compete in.




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