Inter-Generational Conferences


Young Woman Working OutIn 2010, the London Youth organization held a series of conferences for young adults ages 13-24 to explore the perceptions of age. The topics focused on ageing, older generations and random ideas about what older generations have to offer young people.

There was a focus during the conference of the stereotypes older people have of younger people that the young adults were very passionate about. Some London youths feel older people wish not to understand or relate to young people on purpose or young people feel they will never be able to relate. The disconnection for the young towards old is the unwillingness of the older generation has for learning about why young people behave or think in their own manor. The young crowd has a consensus of wanting to be understood by the community of the old.

The young people concluded the conference admitting they have some fears about becoming old, yet they look towards the older generation for guidance and acceptance. The young people just want to know their actions for self-improvement can be verified by the older generation, who has been in their shoes.




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