International Youth Festival 2013


The International Youth Arts Festival is held in London in supporting creative youth during the Month of July. The festival began in 2008 to give young people ages 5-26 a chance to display their love for art. British youths are encouraged to take risks and push the boundaries of traditional forms of art with their personal creations.

International Youth FestivalThe 2013 Creative Youth charity featured three weeks of fun and affordable entertainment for all ages. Some of the highlight events included the Arabian Nights theatre presentation. This showcase highlighted the dramatic tale of a woman melting the hardened heart of her husband with colorful stories of her childhood. A major crowd favorite was the Kenyan Chicken Knitters musicals. These musicals entertained children and adults with addressing the awareness of social issues with performances from African and UK young performers. The International Youth Arts Festival offers a multitude of these great events to bring inspiration to young people and allow them to grow learning from many various cultures.

At the heart of the International Youth Arts Festival is the willingness to be sure performing arts doesn’t fade into history. The festival holds the annual charity Creative Youth to encourage those locally looking to get their voices heard, they have an outlet with performing arts. The mission of the charity involves targeting those considered misunderstood and pushing the boundaries of art, performance and theatre.




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