Sparking up a Hazelnut Buzz


nugtella-spreadThe recent progress toward the legalization of medicinal marijuana and decriminalization of private marijuana use have opened doors to a marketer’s paradise. There are now tons of medical cannabis products being sold in dispensaries, and as a result, making a profit is as simple as coming up with an appealing product and generating buzz for your brand.

Nugtella is a perfect example of how putting a twist on a well-known product can drastically increase the appeal, not just to consumers, but producers looking to move into unmolested territory. The actual product, sold in select American marijuana dispensaries, is an amalgamation of hazelnut spread and medical grade hash oil first conceived in San Jose, California at a dispensary called Organicares. One container of Nugtella contains 320 milligrams of THC to each cup of the spread; for the uninitiated, that’s quite a buzz. Luckily, the caregivers at the local dispensaries would be more than happy to answer any questions about dosage and safe use of products. There are many examples of marijuana-infused edible recipes that contain Nutella, so why wouldn’t the creation of this product be a natural progression?

starbucks-venticupThough the relationship between these two products could certainly seem obvious to those with an experienced grasp on cannabis culture, the market is only just beginning to take note and replicate the success of Nugtella. With this new market opening up a variety of cannabis products are coming to existence, from suppliers of seeds to products that can turn a Starbucks venti cup into a water pipe. As each day passes, and the voices demanding patient rights and safe access to natural medicine grows louder, the possibilities for profit in this fresh new market can only grow alongside.




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